Chapter and verse- The best interior design books…

The best interior design books are more than just works of art to leave out on your coffee table – they should excite and inspire you, causing you to look at your own surroundings with slightly fresh eyes. They need to be full of interior design ideas, tips and tricks with some accessible and practical suggestions from interior designers known for creating inspirational rooms.

Every Room Tells a Story, by Kit Kemp

Interior designer Kit Kemp knows a thing or two about creating colourful and unique feeling homes. Following on from her successful ‘A Living Space’, this book shows us how to play with scale, colour, pattern, and mix antique with modern to create spaces which feel truly personal. If you love slightly boho decor, this book is all you will ever need.

The Shopkeeper’s Home, by Caroline Rowland

If you’ve ever been in a homeware and lifestyle store that is so beautiful you’ve wanted to live in it, then this book is for you. Not only does it showcase some of the most beautifully designed independent shops around, but it meets the owners and homes behind them. Showing a range of different styles from rustic to quirky, you’ll find plenty of storage, wall and floor ideas here. (But everything and anything in between, too).

Decorating With Style by Abigail Ahern

Perhaps one of the UK’s most famous interior designers, Abigail has pioneered the inky walls and quirky objets look that has characterized the last few years – anyone with a modern bohemian living room owes a nod to her. Her latest book shows how to enhance neutrals, play with scale, and get the most out of small spaces. Genius.


In Detail by Hans Blomquist
Light and dark, rough and smooth, Hans Blomquist’s latest book is a masterpiece for creating contrast at home. As inspiring as it is beautiful.

Decorating with Colour, by Farrow & Ball & Ros Byam Shaw

The masters of paint themselves, Farrow & Ball, with the help of Ros Byam Shaw have created a book which tackles all the paint inspiration you would ever need. Taking a look at real homes from across the world from a converted factory in Paris, to a family home in Southern Germany, the book is divided into three categories (Classical, Country & Contemporary) for ease of reading and it feels so accessible, you’ll want to have this whenever the urge for decorating hits.

Living With Mid-Century Collectibles, by Dominic Lutyens

British design guru Dominic Lutyens knows his way around interiors styling – he has written on the subject for pretty much every paper and magazine around. His latest coffee table tome catalogues all the classic pieces of mid-century design with handy tips on how to play with them at home. Scandi-influenced style at its most aspirational, informative and achievable.

Gypsy by Sibella Court

Australian designer Sibella Court is loved for her moodboards – grouping together seemingly unconnected items and turning them into a wall of inspiration. Gypsy is full of interior design ideas for how to display the things you’ve collected on your travels, from photographs to ornaments with a host of interesting color schemes.


Modern Rustic by Emily Henson

Mixing bare woods into interiors instantly feels calming and homely – even the most urban of homes can be given a new rustic twist. Here Emily Henson shows how to make wood work on walls, as furniture, with a mid-century vibe or like something out of a French country farmhouse. The book is all about celebrating the wood’s natural beauty, and allowing its knots and gnarls to add personality to your home.

Creative Living London by Emily Wheeler

Stylist Emily Wheeler has long worked with the interiors photographer Ingrid Rasmussen, tracking down the most stylish homes and taking shots of them in their best lights. This mix of houses around London features everyone from Marc Newson to Brix Smith-Start, with styles that cover every taste. As much about being nosy as it is design inspiration – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The Great Fashion Designers at Home

It’s not surprising that the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin and Giorgio Armani have beautiful homes, though you may be slightly taken aback by Coco Chanel’s large, near life-size deer statues in her living room. Every page bursting with the opulently grand, there are nevertheless some inspiring ideas to be found – such as Nicole Farhi’s salon wall or Saint Laurent’s way with a patterned rug.


Complete & Happy Home by Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy are known for sharing some of the best designed homes out there and this book does exactly that. Every type of home features here and it’s truly inspiring. Particularly great if you’re having designer’s block and are in need of some rather enviable but re-creatable themes. This book is all about praising homes which look great and are liveable, too. What’s not to love?

Colour Deconstructed by Tricia Guild
Well known for her bold use of colour, Tricia Guild of Designer’s Guild is the master of big bright shades, clashing prints and how to get the most of out of fabrics. Her new book really explains how to design a colour scheme, with suggestions you may never have thought of and that will cheer you on even the greyest of days.

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