Get cracking on your egg buying

In case you haven’t got round to it yet, here are some top tips for top of the range Easter Eggs that show you really, really care – as in, they are not your 99p ones from the local garage…

Charbonnel et Walker Milk Chocolate Easter Egg With Milk Sea Salt Caramel Truffles

Crack open this wonderfully-packaged milk chocolate egg to reveal a generous amount of Charbonnel et Walker’s finest Sea Salt Caramel truffles.

The mouth-watering treat is available in two different sizes and comes in a delightful box decorated with a Victorian-style rabbit. From £26, Charbonnel et Walker, Buy it now


Prestat Marc de Champagne Truffle Easter Egg

An extremely grownup Easter egg that champagne lovers will find hard to resist. Filled with decadent Marc de Champagne truffles, the milk chocolate gift comes in two halves wrapped in gold foil and tied with a pretty yellow ribbon.

Hotel Chocolat Your Eggcellency Extra Thick Easter Egg

Rich, thick and oh-so good! Hotel Chocolat has created an egg featuring 50% milk chocolate and 70% dark chocolate. Inside you’ll find a selection of the British chocolatier’s popular boozy truffles, which include flavours of Gin, Rum and Passion Fruit Margarita. £27, Hotel Chocolat, Buy it now


Rococo Roly-Poly Bird Egg

Award-winning chocolatier Rococo has created a delicious Easter offering that will delight adults and children alike. Made with strawberry and raspberry pieces, the milk and white chocolate egg comes with 6 mini treats and is packed into a box decorated with Roald Dahl’s Roly-Poly bird. £19.99, Selfridges, Buy it now

The Chocolate Society Blonde Chocolate Monochrome Egg

If you’re looking for a visually stunning egg that will impress your Instagram followers, then this Monochrome Egg by The Chocolate Society is a total winner. The succulent egg is crafted with Valrhona blonde chocolate, while the decorative holes have been cut out by hand. Each oval-shaped treat is accompanied by tempting Truffled Hazelnuts that are perfect for sharing. £29.95, The Chocolate Society, Buy it now
Lina Stores Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Thanks to this elegant gift by Lina Stores, impressing fussy guests over Easter won’t be too tricky. Hidden inside the egg – which is created using cocoa sourced from Ecuador and the Ivory Coast – is a silver charm that ought to take your visitor by surprise.

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