Property Marketing

market appraisalThe market moves fast, we move faster

Your home has to be seen in the right places by the right people at the right time – and at the right price. Valuations are always accurate because a key part of our sales service is ensuring you get what you want for your property. You’re a one-off and so is your home.

Detailed local market knowledge and recent sale prices are guides, but we understand exactly what it is about your home that makes it special, highlighting its unique features to appeal to the right buyers.

We’ve also got more tech than you can shake a stick at. All our valuers and negotiators have the latest mobile devices and iPads all linked to our operating system, to our website and global property portals including,,, (to name just a few!), so when we’re out and about we have instant access to the market and to everyone buying and selling at the tap of a finger.

We can arrange viewings instantly and we’ll always aim to do that around you.