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Property is a better investment in Brighton than in leading university cities including Oxford and Cambridge.

Student accommodation investments ranks the city third, behind Edinburgh and Bristol but ahead of the Oxbridge towns.

Factors including average cost, rent charges and growth in house prices, the cities have each been given a score out of ten. Brighton gets 7.8.

It also analysed average graduate income to conclude that Edinburgh was the best investment and of the 24 cities considered, Aberystwyth in west Wales scored lowest.

Student lets are generally seen as a great investment, there will always be a reliable level of demand and universities can often be really helpful in pointing students your way.

Brighton is always expanding in property and there’s going to be to be a new planning application for 59 new homes and a new Co-op supermarket on Kingsway.If approved by Brighton and Hove City Council, up to 25 jobs could be created with £90,000 being generated through council tax rates.


A decision on whether the application should get the green light is expected to be made on October 25th.


The area is a great place to live for all ages, and a large number of international buyers have set their sights on the Brighton and Hove property market to access its world-renowned university and colleges, but what should they be looking out for to find the perfect property?


Property type is an important factor when considering maintenance, management, and its longevity as an investment. A modern building will be easier to update and maintain than a period property, but may lack the character that is synonymous with Brighton and Hove’s period buildings. The Brighton property market is characterised by its diversity, from white, gentrified property along the seafront, to a colourful mix of styles which are popular amongst younger buyers. There are many options to choose from in the Brighton market so seek professional advice before moving forward.



According to a Centre for Cities report published this year, Brighton is a city of renters, ranking third out of 63 UK cities and towns. Brighton has all the attributes of a property hotspot, but its housing stock is quickly sold due to high yields in the rental market. In order to find real success, you must have an insight into market activity. The property market is buzzing with an influx of prospective landlords ahead of upcoming buy to let and second home stamp duty charges in April. Once this 3% surcharge hits, the number of landlords looking to buy property may reduce and the process of buying a property may become easier. An increase in interest rates will also reduce the number of UK mortgages on offer which will price some out of the market. If you have the money to pay upfront, you will have the upper hand once both financial measures are introduced.


Students and their families looking for a great investment area in Brighton have many to choose from, and with many more property developments on the horizon, the market will undergo yet more growth over the next four years. Beach-front properties in and around its garden squares – including Sussex Square, Brunswick Square and Palmeira Square – are recurrently popular high-end property neighbourhoods, while different property pockets away from the seafront provide a mix of large Victorian and Edwardian homes, for example Preston Park and Seven Dials. Take note of where each university and college building is located to map the best neighbourhoods as not all facilities are located within the inner city.



Finding a student hotspot is easy when you know how. The best areas are located near transportation links, unique places to shop and attractive places to eat and drink. What is next door is important as is the street itself: what are the views like? Is the street clean? Is the area quiet and conveniently placed near amenities in the city? Expect to pay more for a property that ticks the boxes, however, this can be offset by its annual increase in value.
Long-term options 

Once you’ve bought your dream Brighton property, consider your long-term options so that your asset does not go to waste after you or your children have finished college or university. You may decide to become a property freeholder so that you can lease your property to tenants for a better return – this option is unique to the English market. Alternatively, you may decide to sell the property after a few years of annual price rises, or become a landlord yourself and divide the property to increase its earning potential as a buy to let or student property.

According to the British Council, the UK attracts more international students than any other host country in the world, and with 34 UK institutions now inside the top 200 of the 2015 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, it is clear why so many choose to study here. For more information on buying, selling or renting in Brighton and the options available to you, contact our office on 01273  778 877

It seems that Brighton certainly holds a lot of good property investment opportunities for investors who invest in the right properties.
The most popular and in demand properties are studio flats, 1 bed flats and 2 bed flats where tenants will generally do a flat share. These types of properties are most certainly what investors should be looking to invest in as they will rent out easily and will offer good returns over the medium to long term. However, there are 3 opportunities that investors could employ in Brighton..

Investors could target the city centre young professional market and invest in studio apartments or 1 and 2 bed flats. Studio apartments can be purchased for around £115,000 and a good one bed flat can be bought for around £140,000. Both of these kinds of properties offer good rental returns and have good capital growth potential over a 5 to 10 year period.

Your next strategy would be to target the town’s student market. This is a wise choice for many reasons because there will be no lack of students looking to rent and there will be a good student market year on year. The returns on student lets are also good compared to other areas of the rental market. However, competition amongst landlords will be high and suitable properties maybe difficult to get hold of. So you will need to be patient in order to find the right properties to buy.


Your final strategy is to refurbish or renovate properties and either rent them out or sell them on. This is always a sound strategy to employ in any town or city but Brighton will hold many suitable projects as many of the properties in the town are very old and there will be many great property bargains out there if you look carefully enough. Projects to look out for are converting old town houses or terraced properties into self contained studio flats, or refurbishing old terraced houses and turning them into a modern living environment whilst keeping all of the traditional features which buyers love. If you need help in finding a project please call us on 01273 778 877

If you want to increase your rental profits, you will have to consider putting a larger deposit down or have a long term investment strategy so that you plan to grow your investment over a 5 to 10 year period.

As regards to your investment strategy, you will see the best returns if you have a medium to long term investment strategy of 5 to 10 years. This is probably the safest strategy as you are holding onto your investments over an extended period of time where hopefully property prices will rise meaning that you can build significant equity up in your investments. This is a wise and safe strategy for all property investors.

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