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Home staging is an important part of selling your home. Especially with the upcoming generation of home buyers, visuals are everything.

Here are 5 tips that really do work when staging your home.

1. Rent furniture that appeals to the majority.

Take the time to choose items that almost everyone would like and would really draw out the positives in each space. If you have a weird corner or nook, make sure you dress it up so instead of it being an awkward area you show the potential it has by furnishing it.

2. Clean up your curb appeal.

This is especially important for taking a photo. Even if you know you plan on selling next year, during the summer take a photo when your property looks best so you have it posted on our website your home will give your potential buyers and idea of what the home looks like in summer even if it’s winter when they buy the house.

3. Rip off the wallpaper (unless it’s really nice wallpaper).

Home buyers love neutral, clean walls. Help them envision their home by taking down your wallpaper or even wallpaper borders that could distract them from seeing their own decor in that space. This is such a simple item to do and yet many homeowners just leave their personal touches without thinking how it might affect the prospects view of the place.

4. Light it up. No one wants to live in a dark, dreary place. Invest in good lighting fixtures and curtains that allow the natural light in when staging your home.

5. Invite the outdoors in. There is just something about having plants incorporated when staging your home that instantly draws the eye. Especially if someone is seeing your home during the winter, plants bring a sense of peace and prosperity to a home’s zen.


This is one of our properties we have for sale in Brighton which produces a perfect example of these 5 points. This is perfectly staged for potential buyers to see the properties full potential showing it in a white setting with furniture fitting the room’s shape. At the same time producing light and bringing elements of the outdoors inside.

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